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downloading instructions

download instructions

Although you may purchase music using a smartphone, you will get an email with a link to download with your computer.  You have 72 hours to download. The process is very simple to follow, and the steps are given as you go.  Once, you're finished downloading...


...on a mac, you'll find the zip file in your downloads. Click the zip file and it will automatically "unzip" and display a new "file." Click the file and it will display all the pieces you downloaded. Click a song/piece to select/play. Once you do this, all of the songs will immediately transfer to your Music (red w/notes) app. If your phone is synced to your computer, it will show up in your phone, too.

...for pc/android, it's much easier - they sync automatically.

We are aware that this process is not as easy as it should be, but it is just a few extra steps. Please use the helpful links below to sort out any issues you may encounter. If you have easier solutions to offer, please share with us!

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