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Are you  18 or older and currently suffering with one or more chronic illnesses?

Is there someone in your life who is particularly instrumental in keeping you going?


Read the instructions below on how to be included in a video/tribute project that I'll post on YouTube!

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Send me an email, detailing your name, your general location (city/state, or state) (city/country, or country), and a brief description of what you struggle with.


Include someone in your life who takes your hand and keeps you in life's dance. What do they do? How does it make you feel? It can be anyone who helps lift your spirits, or cares for you physically or emotionally. I'd bet we all have more than one, but you'll have to pick just one for this project! 

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 Include 2 good pictures of yourself. It can be just you, or it can be you along with the special person you've named above. 

I will create a YouTube video using these photos and words as a way of honoring you and the ones who take your hand...


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I will accept entries until I have 20.  As the Editor of this project, I maintain the right to crop/adjust/alter photos, as well as slightly adjust written entries in order to make the most pleasant presentation possible. I will endeavor to honor your voice. My hope is to create something meaningful to share with those who, through their skill and compassion, keep us dancing!


I hope you'll join me!  

    - Jennifer

Jennifer Bond Baker