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take my hand

Gentle piano pieces dedicated to all sufferers of chronic illness and to those who keep them in life’s dance.

By the time the entire globe had gone into dystopian lockdown, my health had fallen apart to the point that I saw it as a kind of blessing - I could just stay home and rest. But the unrelenting negative news and pain of isolation eventually became overwhelming. I composed Be Still for comfort and occupation.

My doctor's office remained a steady support while so much fell away. It inspired me to write the next piece, Take My Hand. Its waltz represents life's dance; its title, the appeal of a reluctant, concerned dancer - and dually - the offer of a kind, smiling lead:

"Take my hand, help me...!" 

"Take my hand, I will show you!" 


More pieces followed, and I caught a vision for an album that would give myself and others joy in the midst of sorrow.


This work is dedicated to all who suffer with chronic illness or disability and to those who, with compassion and skill, keep them in the dance. 



I adore your music... it is like crystal…like water…hard to describe but so awesome for the soul...  - TR

So enjoying Take My Hand. It is a peace-inducing salve for the soul.

Thank you, Jennifer, for this gift of music. - SB

I closed my eyes and enjoyed peace as your music ministered to me... - CH

Reading up on your story with EDS was educational...

Pain (physical, emotional) transformed into art is so powerful. Thank you for sharing! - JB

So beautiful and powerful! Thank you for sharing your gift and for helping raise awareness. - GL 

This is amazing, Jennifer, well done! God has truly blessed you with golden fingers! - MS

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